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            Environmental Gas Inspection Modules

            Portable environmental gas monitoring module

            • The portable environmental gas monitoring module DOAS-4010UV includes a fiber spectrometer, a light source (xenon lamp or deuterium lamp), DOAS algorithm and a PC.

            • The module includes a fiber spectrometer, an optical gas cell, a light source (xenon lamp or deuterium lamp) etc., DOAS algorithm and PC etc.

              High resolution.

              Optional spectral range.

              Optional light source.  

              Optional absorption length.  

              Mass production for industrial applications with excellent thermal stability and vibration resistance.

              Easy to upgrade due to modular design.

              Easy to assemble due to compact structure.

            • Items Specifications Remarks
              Light Path 0.6 or 1.1m Optional upon request
              Light Source Xenon lamp or deuterium lamp Optional upon request
              Wavelength Range 190-380/190-480nm   Optional upon request
              Communication USB or RS232
              Gas Connector Ø6mm
              Material of Main Part   Aluminum with coating
              Power Supply DC12V/3A (spectrometer and xenon lamp),
              DC12V/5Aindustrial computer),
              verage power 12
              Lamp Cooling Heatsink with a fan For deuterium lamp
              Weight ~3Kg
              Dimension 222mmx10mmx55mm

            • For measuring and analyzing gases having UV band absorption, such as environmental gas inspection, industrial process monitoring and CEMS etc.  

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