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            Hotline: 0755-29078051
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            About us

            About us

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            OFFICE HOUR

             Monday - Friday : 8:30-17:30

            CONTACT US

            Hotline: 0755-29078051
            Address: Room 201,No.1301-8 Guanguang Road Xinlan Community,Guanlan Town Longhua District,Shenzhen City Guangdong Province,518110,China

            Jion Us

            1, Android embedded engineer 2 people

                      Job Requirements:

                      Be familiar with android, java,      
                      With embedded system development experience
                      Understand C language

            2, Software development 2 people

                    Job Requirements:

                    Be familiar with VS and C++

                    Fresh graduates can apply

                   If you are interested in joining team of Glit Technology (Shenzhen) Pte Ltd., please send your CV to
            lina@glt910.com  or you can come directly to the company for an interview.