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            Hotline: 0755-29078051
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            About us

            About us

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            OFFICE HOUR

             Monday - Friday : 8:30-17:30

            CONTACT US

            Hotline: 0755-29078051
            Address: Room 201,No.1301-8 Guanguang Road Xinlan Community,Guanlan Town Longhua District,Shenzhen City Guangdong Province,518110,China

            Company Overview

            We are a China-foreign joint-venture focusing on high-tech of optical instruments, established in Shenzhen City, China in 2014. Our world-class and professional technical team includes designers in optics, mechanics, electronics and software etc.

            Our main line of products covers optical fiber spectrometers, portable Raman spectrometers, analysis light sources, spectral applied systems and accessories etc. The optical fiber spectrometer and the Raman spectrometers can be used as both analysis instruments and detection modules of other instruments for varies online applications, for example, environmental monitoring (gas and water pollution) , bio-medical inspection and industrial on-line inspection etc.