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            Hotline: 0755-29078051
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             Monday - Friday : 8:30-17:30

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            Hotline: 0755-29078051
            Address: Room 201,No.1301-8 Guanguang Road Xinlan Community,Guanlan Town Longhua District,Shenzhen City Guangdong Province,518110,China


            Technical advantage: we own a series of proprietary intellectual property rights, technologies and know-how, including optics, mechanics, electronics, software development and assembly etc., and are able to do mass productions of the spectral products for industrial applications. 

            Human resource advantage: our core technical members have decades of experience in optical engineering working with domestic and foreign companies. Due to our strong technical capability, we are able to develop a variety of products related to spectral analysis at world-class level.

            Cost advantage: we can take advantage of fabrication capacity in China; and consolidate our resources in China and overseas to keep price competitive.

            Operational advantage: our operation and technical team has decades of experience in China and overseas carrying out optical research and engineering work. The team is familiar with both China and overseas markets.